Which Is Better Cryptocurrency or Banking

The capabilities of cryptocurrency should go beyond those of conventional banking organizations. Blockchain technology has been around since the global financial crisis of 2007, which was brought on by ineffective central bank management. A lot of banks were already in debt, and they were also printing surplus fiat money, which increased global inflation rates.

Birth Of  Cryptocurrency

Satoshi Nakamoto created the cryptocurrency BTC as a solution. Due to its complete decentralization, this currency was created with a plan to address this problem and prevent similar errors.

Additionally, Nakamoto made his source code available as a tool so that other programmers might create comparable breakthroughs and resolve financial problems.

Cryptocurrencies were created as a result, and today they work more effectively than financial institutions. They also provide even superior banking solutions.

According to the crypto fear and greed index, cryptocurrency volatility is currently its top downside. Because of this, it is impossible to use cryptocurrencies in regular, everyday transactions.

It is widely anticipated that this problem will be overcome once cryptocurrencies become broadly accepted. Continue reading to find out why cryptocurrencies should aim higher than banks can provide in terms of financial scope.

Cryptocurrency Vs Banking

Digital assets called cryptocurrencies can be used as a medium of exchange and have the same properties as conventional money. They are typically purchased on crypto exchange websites and kept in secure crypto wallets.

These digital currencies are decentralised and run with hardly any human involvement in a very secure manner. As a result, many increasingly consider them to be the financial industry’s future.

The world’s present financial system is comprised of banks. They provide financial assistance through transactions, savings, and loans. Also have numerous drawbacks because they are centralised and susceptible to biases, unlike cryptos. They also move more slowly than cryptos, and some of them demand exorbitant interest rates on loans and other transactions.

Drawbacks Of Banking System


Over the weekend, banks are often closed. As a result, when people plan to execute necessary transactions on weekends and holidays, they frequently run into several issues. It also takes too long for the banks to execute large transactions because they need to see people’s physical characteristics.

Economic Inclusion

Different strategies are employed by conventional banking institutions to sell their products. Some initiatives are reserved for particular groups of individuals and are not accessible to everyone else. These groups receive benefits like lenient loan terms, protracted payment schedules, and reduced interest rates. As a result, the systems become unjust and incapable of fostering financial inclusion.

Fees And Slow Transactions

Banks charge additional fees and taxes when there are transactions. For instance, during international remittances, the sending and receiving banks typically apply very high transaction fees and taxes. These transactions also take a lengthy time because of slow processes, especially when dealing with significant amounts of currency.

Cryptocurrency Can Offer More than Banking

Cryptocurrencies were created to address problems with the existing banking systems. As a result, they ought to work more to build the global financial ecosystem. Here are a few ways that cryptocurrencies can outperform banks in providing financial services.

Decentralized Nature

In contrast to banks, cryptocurrencies are totally independent of outside influences. Due to the decentralised structure, there are less human contacts and therefore no biases. They are more dependable and secure since transactions use anonymous ID numbers, making it difficult to tamper with them.


Security issues are the main problem with financial systems. Blockchain technology, which powers cryptocurrencies, is extremely secure and free from significant security threats like hacking.

Due to low human interaction and computerized transaction processing, it is also free of fraudulent operations. Cryptocurrencies can therefore continue to outperform banks if they develop new strategies for addressing security issues.

Financial Inclusion

Cryptocurrencies have low entrance requirements. Because of this, everyone, regardless of status, may simply access them. This quality is good since it may help the economy grow more broadly as everyone has an equal chance.


Cryptocurrencies, unlike banks, use automated processes that don’t necessitate a lot of human interaction. Consequently, they are available at any time of day, especially on weekends and holidays.

As a result, due to higher uptime, their integration into financial systems may make them superior to banking systems.

Instantaneous Transfers

In contrast to banks, cryptocurrencies use automated procedures that don’t require a lot of human engagement. As a result, they are accessible whenever you need them, especially on weekends and holidays.

As a result, their incorporation into financial systems may make them preferable to banking systems due to improved uptime.

Conclusion on Cryptocurrency or Banking

To summarize everything stated previously, it is important to note that cryptocurrencies offer advantages over banks. To ensure that they hold onto power for a long time, more work must be done.

They must provide the world more workable solutions to the issues brought on by the banks.

Investors should be encouraged by the relatively robust security measures of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, they provide transactions with greater speed and reliability than the conventional characteristics.

They are thereby demonstrating their importance in bringing about a better and cashless financial era. Cryptocurrencies still have work to do in order to completely plug the gaps left by conventional financial institutions.

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